Rules For Submitting Recipes

If this is an original recipe, fill in all fields of the Submit Recipe form.


If it’s a recipe you have permission by the author to share, credit the author in the Recipe Notes field as follows:  Published with permission by “author’s name.”


If found on an internet site, fill in all of the fields except directions and place a link to the webpage containing the original recipe, in the Recipe Notes field.  (We can help you with this link if you let us know the name of the website).  The reader will be able to click on the link to view the entire recipe on the author’s website.


If found in a cookbook, fill in the ingredient list and write the directions in your own words. Provide a Recipe Credit in the Recipe Notes field, for example: Best Kids Recipes by Lorette Scrimgeour


Photos should be original.  Just take a picture of your final dish.  If you do use a photo from the recipe webpage, images must retain the owners watermark.  If you don’t have a photo to share, that’s ok.  We will insert a place holder.


Note:  We review all recipes.  If the recipe is not original, we may request the author’s permission to publish it.  If that permission is denied we will remove the recipe.  However, most authors are happy to share their recipes if a link or credit is provided.

Don’t forget to rate the recipe!