Let’s Get Cooking-But Before You Start…

 Here are a few basic rules of the kitchen to get you going


  • Ask an adult for permission and for help
  • Read the recipe directions all the way through at least once
  • Wash your hands well with soap and water
  • Pull your hair back if it is long
  • Wear short sleeves and an apron
  • Take out the tools you will need
  • Take out the ingredients you will need
  • Find a flat and clean work space
  • Use a cutting board.  Do not attempt to cut up ingredients in your hand and always cut away from you and your fingers
  • Wash all fruits and vegetables to remove dirt, bugs and pesticides
  • Follow the recipe directions
  • Measure carefully
  • Use a timer
  • Always use potholders when handling hot baking sheets and pans
  • Ask an adult to help you when using sharp knives and the stove
  • Turn pot and pan handles towards the back of the stove to prevent accidently knocking them off and causing a burn
  • Clean up afterwards
  • Have a blast!