The App is currently under construction. Watch for its re-release in the near future. Until then, keep using the icons on our home page to rate restaurants, recipes, food brands and your school lunch.


Download our FREE app “Food Kids Like” for your android device, from Google Play Store.   With this app you will be able to rate restaurants, commercial food brands, recipes or your school lunch on the go.

The app also allows you to take The Taste Test anytime, anywhere. To activate The Taste Test portion of the app just visit Amazon to purchase a paper or kindle version of the book, The Taste Test by Lorette Scrimgeour.  Then, click on The Taste Test icon on the app homepage.  Enter the secret code that you found lurking somewhere in the book.  (There is a hint somewhere on the book).

This great app lets you:

  • Find great kid friendly recipes that you can save to your recipe box or even add your own to share with other kids.
  • Add your school, rate your school lunch and participate in the Battle of the School Lunches.
  • Let restaurants know what YOU think based on what’s important to kids.
  • Try different food brands and let other kids know how they rate.